Columbia Gorge retreat for wellness, meditation, spiritual quests, visioning, & joy

Where celebration is all around !

Where peace & rest are found!

Where abundant wellness abounds !

Where boundless joy resounds !

...a place for enhancing wellness and joy!

Harvesting the spiritual bounty of the natural world

Nature Making at Ecoplace in the Columbia River Gorge

for Abundance, Wellness, and Joy
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Welcome to a place blessed with the beauty and spirit of the Columbia River Gorge...where the essence of genuine self is nourished by nature.

EcoPlace is a private wilderness retreat for personal or small group retreats, meditation spaces, solos at night, vision quests, guided self-explorations, and B&B suites.

We welcome all who respect nature, and seek a rustic natural venue for spiritual awakening in our secluded, eco-friendly land preserve that blesses every spiritual journey.

No matter what faith or practice, all visitors benefit from the experience of peaceful fulfillment in harmonious connection with the universe.

Have a retreat idea in mind? Let us help you design your own experience


EcoPlace offers a variety of ecotreat journeys to authentic nature...around and within...based on proven ecopsychology principles. All programs are designed to enhance wellness and joy for people who:

  • Feel deep attractions to communion with Earth, others, and self

  • Desire to erase cultural blinds of perception to reveal original self

  • Enjoy creative, experiential activities in nature

  • Want to experience 'genuine unity' through heart-to-heart connections to the forest

  • Wish to nurture more rewarding relationships with life

Participants are guided through a 4-part natural process to:

  • Arouse body, mind, emotion, and energy through nature

  • Encourage powerful web string connections with all living things

  • Enkindle universal energies for internal healing power

  • Embrace achievement of life's highest purpose

EcoPlace offers ecotreat journeys :

PURPOSE: The goal of all EcoPlace offerings is to enliven the mutually supportive and inherently healing powers of universal energy through deeper connections to nature

PROCESS: Participation in individual and/or group indoor and outdoor nature-reconnecting activities using effective, tested applied ecopsychology practices. Small groups and individual...guided and self-directed.

BENEFITS: Awaken the heart through experiencing, caring, and sharing. Stimulate sensory awareness, creativity, and compassion. Expand human/other interactions with nature...around and within. Foster more loving relationships with Earth, others, and self.


the experience of



Love is not doing; it is being.

To experience love, you must connect with yourself. And to surest way to get there is to go outside.

Step out your door and into nature where love dwells in the pure relationship shared by all things. It is in the sun, in the rain, in the trees, in the birds, in the grass...and in the person standing next to you.

And how will you know when you have connected to nature? You can't know it because it's not in your head. You must look at all other must see how beautiful they are...and even if it's hard,  you must keep looking.

If you want love, go no further. You have it. You are already connected. You are love.

But you must work at it, and see it, and feel it. And it takes practice...every moment of every day.

Reach out
to embrace
Nature's wisdom;
it's the wisdom
in you!

Welcome to EcoPlace at Quinn Mountain, a peaceful place for wellness and joy

A place for Nature!

A place for wellness!

A place for joy!

Enhance wellness and joy in your life!

Would you welcome enhanced wellness and joy in every aspect of your life? People find it here everyday!  In the wild nature of the Columbia River Gorge. Leave your manmade world behind, and treat yourself to Nature's perfect harmony.
To reveal your genuine desires!
To guide you on a trustable path to wellness!
To reward you with lifelong joy!

A harmonious organism
is a happy organism.

Christina Brittain,  EcoPlace founder, believes as Shaki Gwain does, that a healer is someone who helps and supports people

 in the process of  learning to trust their own inner truths, and to live more fully and freely.

House and garden are inseparable. They are complementary and supplementary. Two sides of the same door...We think of 'house' and 'garden,' but seldom of 'home' as a unit greater than mere house and garden. ~ Garrett Eckbo

ecotreat journeys reveal
 the parts of yourself you haven't befriended yet.

ecotreat journeys for health, wellness, and spiritual awakenings

Visioning for wellness

Reiki healing

Forests retreats

Night solos

Vision quests

Soul retrieval

Joy creating

Personal growth

Journey to self

nature connecting
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If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows like a shadow that never leaves him.

~ Buddha

Let the constancies of Nature soothe the inconsistencies of Man.

EcoPlace at Quinn Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge forCeltic mythological adventures and self-discoveries

Llamas at EcoPlace enjoy the summer sun in the pasture near the forest in the Columbia River Gorge

EcoPlace nestles amid the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge

ecotreat journeys health and wellness include:

enHance! map via 'Secret' principles


nature visioning

Exciting 10-week journey (via Internet) to transform current reality into abundance using proven techniques that reveal and manifest genuine, lifelong desires


Unique, effective process for arousing sensory wisdom that reveals clear, trustable guidance to what you genuinely need for greater life-supporting wellness and joy



Massage: Private, on-site  therapies can be  arranged by appointment for EcoPlace guests in the privacy of their own suite or in a forest shelter


Reiki for ONE: Ancient restorative principles guide individuals on an insightful journey that arouse life force energy to promote healing


To live content with small means;

to seek elegance rather than luxury,

and refinement rather than fashion....

In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden,

and unconscious, grow up through the common.

This is to be my symphony. ~ William Ellery Channing


EcoQueathing-Passing on what really matters for wellness and joy
embrace the rewards of ecoqueathingTM

visit EcoPlace zen notes

a place to pause and reflect

~ zennotes publisher jim lorentzen

Speak the truth, do not yield to anger;
give, if thou art asked for little;
by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.
                                                                                              ~ Confucius 


EcoPlace for wellness in Columbia Gorge.

Founder J. Christina Brittain, PhD, says:  

EcoPlace allows me to be a conduit for connecting people to nature for guidance in arousing their unique talents, strengths, and wisdom to achieve lifelong wellness and joy.

I offer Nature Visioning, enHance! Map, and Reiki for One and other wellness programs designed to bring body, mind, emotions, and energy into harmonious balance.

"The brightest light emanates from a master mind and master heart." ~ j.cb

"True teachers are not doors to answers. They are windows through which answers are discovered and learned." ~ j.cb

OTHER Quinn Mountain offerings in the Columbia Gorge

Place for celebration!

Place for peace & rest!
Bed & Breakfast
Place for joy!
Farm & Family


EcoPlace is NOT a public facility.
Please! All offerings BY APPOINTMENT
or advance arrangement only to preserve quiet and privacy of guests.  
Call ahead to schedule a visit. No drop-ins please!

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