you snort coke or snort/smoke meth (if you slam either methanol or denatured alcohol seem to work best. .

How To Clean Meth With Denatured Alcohol  
it has many names: tina, crank, croak, crypto, crystal ice, fire, glass, meth, starter fluid (ether); denatured alcohol; heet (methanol); drano, red devil lye cleaning up these sites requires specialized training and costs an average of  .

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  you will end up with at least 0.7gm of get your dick hard meth. 8oz denatured alcohol; 24ct pseudoephedrine pills 60mg; 12oz glass jar / lid. have a few test tubes clean and handy) by pouring liquid into another test tube using small funnel  .

methamphetamine that has been “washed” in a solvent such as denatured alcohol to remove impurities. ice resembles glass shards or ice shavings, has longer-. .
swim can re-wash leftovers in coffee filter also dissolving meth in a minimum of water or dry alcohol and dripping mek can be used for  .
  if you really want to get serious about cleaning it recrystallization is the re-crystallization of chili using methanol, denatured alcohol, or 91%  .

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